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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reminder: Bashas Milk Promo!


Earn Bashas’ Milk Money Rewards through September 6th every time you purchase a gallon of milk. Collect 5 Rewards and redeem them for a free gallon of Bashas milk!  Redemption is available through September 18th.  Limit 5 rewards per transactions.

Now this is where you want to pay attention to trash in the parking lot/shopping carts.  The Milk Rewards print from the Catalina machine and I know there are people that don’t bother with them.  You might find some bonus ones if you keep your eyes open.

In fact my husband went to buy milk last night (on sale this week for $1.79 a gallon) and he bought 4 gallons but the cashier gave him 8 rewards!! I guess she had extras at her register from people that didn’t want them!! Go Peter!!

I plan on saving all our rewards for a week when no one has milk on sale!