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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

99 Cent Only Find: Toys Story 3 Buddy Packs!!

2011-08-29 18.49.09

I have been on the hunt for these Toy Story 3 Buddy Packs. I had a twitter buddy (Thanks Christy) give me a heads up when she found them at her store. I ran out and checked my stores on Sunday with no luck. However I swung by my closest store (Ina Road) last night when I had to pick up a few RXs.  Score!!

These retail for $8 although I see them on sale for $5 on the Mattel website. So grabbing them for $0.99 each is a total score!  Lots of possible uses:


Christmas/Birthday Gifts

Potty Training Rewards/Prizes

Stocking Stuffers

Party Favors

2011-08-29 August2011 005

Or use them for Disneyland Souvenirs on the Cheap!!

I grabbed 10 different sets to dole out on our trip so that I don’t break the budget on souvenirs.  I’ll let the boys pick a set each day of our trip!



2011-08-29 August2011 0042011-08-28 August2011 011


And here are the rest of my purchases from Sunday & Monday






2011-08-28 August2011 009


Knudsen Fat free sour cream, Cream cheese, Nature’s own bread, Aunt Hattie’s Buns, Chips, Raisins, Carrots, Salad, Spinach, Portobello Mushrooms, Lysol toilet bowl cleaner, mini sewing kit (totally lost my sewing box)and mini cereal cups (for our trip).



Please remember selection varies by store… I can’t control this. I am just sharing my own finds. Good luck hunting!