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Friday, August 12, 2011

Fabulous 99 Cent Only Finds: Hip In A Hurry & Digiorno!

2011-08-10 August2011 010

This find is exactly why I LOVE the 99 Cent Only store!!

In fact I was so excited I might have gone a little overboard on the robots…. I bought *several* plus a couple of others.

2011-08-10 August2011 009

Last night I walked into the store and found lots of Hip In A Hurry designs!! Check them out!! And it was the Ina Road location for anyone in Tucson.


2011-08-10 18.55.242011-08-10 18.51.272011-08-10 18.51.402011-08-10 18.54.112011-08-10 18.54.282011-08-10 18.55.11

At my other 99 Cent Only Store I found Digiorno Pizzas!  And of course they were only $0.99 each!!  Woo Hoo!  They did limit it to 2 per person, otherwise I am sure they would have been wiped out!!

And of course my usual assortment of produce, hamburger buns, etc.  I even grabbed a  rain poncho and 2 more “Light Sabers” for our Disneyland trip in September.  The other “Light Sabers” still work but I would hate to have the batteries go out, I know it would be more than 0.99 to replace them!!

2011-08-10 August2011 0022011-08-10 August2011 0012011-08-10 August2011 003

Of course selection always varies by store but I definitely love treasure hunting each week!

Have you found any fabulous finds at a dollar type store recently?


Macey said...

I am very impressed :)

Amy said...

wow!! nice work!

kc said...

Thanks! :-)

SueBusko said...

I absolutely love my .99 cent only!...they have never limited any number of anything at this one...They had Breyers Bunny Tracks (I think it was called) Ice cream and also Fried Ice Cream here last month and I bought 10 0f each!