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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fry’s Trip 8/25

2011-08-25 August2011 001

I ran over to Fry’s yesterday morning after dropping of Q at school.  I wanted to get in and out quick to avoid baking to death!


I was really hoping to find Kandoo Soap/Wipes but they were out of stock. And to make matters worse, I forgot to get a darn rain check so I will definitely be stopping by again soon!


What I did buy:


4-1/2 Gallon Fry’s Milk $0.88

6 Powerades $0.49 – $0.75/2 tearpad (circle K) = free

Kroger Bagels $1.50

Cow Pals String Cheese $3.49

Banana Chocolate chip soft cookies $1.89 (bakery markdown) <—YUMMY!

Total $10.34 OOP


I love stocking up on freebies like powerade.  It has a long shelf life and it’s great for low blood sugar situations! I plan on trying to find a few more Qs!