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Thursday, August 25, 2011

99 Cent Only: Hip In A Hurry at a DIFFERENT Store

I ventured to my “other” 99 Cent Only Store today and I found some fun stuff!

2011-08-24 09.56.54

2011-08-24 09.57.11


Lots more Hip In A Hurry Vinyl Cutouts! And different designs compared with the other store’s selection.

I definitely did not see these there last week, so keep watching your store. You might get lucky!


2011-08-24 09.57.232011-08-24 09.57.402011-08-24 09.58.08 (1)2011-08-24 09.58.27

I know some people have been hunting for these so I took a picture of the aisle where I found them.  It’s sort of a home section with pet items across the aisle.  It would be easy to miss the box on the lower shelf if you weren’t looking closely!


I refrained from buying any because I *might* have bought too many robot ones for my boys. 



2011-08-24 09.56.282011-08-24 09.55.15


I found both of these bug fighting “alternatives” to spray on chemicals.  I am not super familiar with either product, so I plan on doing some research online…

Anyone have experience with Bugables or Insect Repelling Superband?








2011-08-24 10.01.342011-08-24 10.01.56

Cheap Sheet Protectors and Crayola Pip Squeaks. I think the markers are a good idea, they are shorter for smaller hands and of course washable!!










2011-08-24 09.59.522011-08-24 10.07.19

The 6 pack of cards were a great deal for $0.99 and the selection varied in each package but you COULD see what was in it. I grabbed 2 sets!

And I snapped a quick shot of the smarties selection. I was hoping to see bubble gum smarties… no luck.






Please remember selection definitely varies by store. I am only sharing the fun stuff I found at my 99 Cent Only store(s). Don’t shoot the messenger if you can’t find the exact same thing at your store. Please.