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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick Bashas & Fry’s Trip

 April2011 420

I ran to Bashas last night to pick up Elliot’s free birthday cake from the bakery.  And found a whole table of clearance…

WITH something that I really needed!!!!

(P.S. Check out Bashas’ New Moms or Kids’ Clubs to sign your kids up for a free cake)!


April2011 455

They had a stack of Baby Orajel tooth cleanser/brush kids marked down to $2.50!! 


I knew I had $1 MQs at home…. so I went back this morning with my coupons in hand to grab a few.  I scored them for $1.50 a piece!!!  That is a smokin’ hot deal on baby toothpaste.  Baby & Toddler toothpaste is something I can never get a good regular sale on… I have only found deals on it when I combine a clearance price with a MQ!


This find was perfect timing for me because we were just at Elliot’s 1 year appointment yesterday and his pediatrician reminded me that we are supposed to be brushing his teeth…


We might have been slacking in that area….. but fear not… we have the supplies now!


I also grabbed a #2 birthday candle for $0.10!  We are set for next year! :-)

blackberry 378




Clearance will vary by store, but I have noticed similarities between my 2 stores clearance selection in the past.  So if you are in the market for infant tooth paste, check out your local Bashas, you might get lucky!  And remember the clearance could still be on the regular shelf! 

P.S. I took a picture of the clearance table in case you might see something else to look for at your local store…




April2011 456

I also ran to Fry’s to pick up some cheap Cheerios!  They are on sale this week for $2.79 and when you buy 4 General Mills Cereals you receive a $5 Gift Card at check out. Pair that with some IP’s and it works out to a sweet deal!!

Order #1

  • 4 Cheerios $2.79-$0.55 IP = $1.79 each
  • 4 Ken’s Dressing $1.67 -$1 MQ =  $0.67 each <—The poppy seed variety had $1 peelies on them!!
  • Total $9.84 OOP
  • I received $5 Cash in lieu of a gift card since it didn’t work at check out. So it really worked out to $4.84 OOP!

I am not sure why the $5 General Mills cereal deal didn’t work.. and the Fry’s cashier and customer service person were completely clueless about the promo.  They decided $5 cash back was the easiest way to fix it for me.

Works for me!

blackberry 379

The only cereal I saw priced at $2.79 were these ones (+ Honey Nut Cheerios)….. All the other general mills cereal was promo priced as part of the $5 gift card deal, but were all ~$4.50+

I plan on borrowing some printers and print some additional Qs.  The yellow cheerios are a big box and a great deal at $0.54 each!