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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Grocery List 4/5

Are you looking for grocery deals in Tucson, AZ? Here are the deals I am interested in this week! 

I will be gone for the long weekend, so I might not get any shopping done until Monday…. Maybe I can leave a list for Peter. :-)


  • Albertsons Gallon Milk $1.67 (limit 2)
  • Albertsons Purified Drinking Water 24 pack 16.9 oz $1.88 (with ad Q)
  • Reser’s Salads (Macaroni, Potato) 16 oz $1
  • Eggs $1
  • Hefty Everyday plates 50 ct $1 - $1/2 tearpad (and possible Q this weekend) = $0.50 each


  • Sweet Onions 2lbs/$1
  • Fry’s Gallon Milk $1.77
  • Quaker Cereal $1.88 - $1 Quaker Oatmeal Squares (if included) $0.88 each
  • Kroger Yogurt $0.40 each


  • Bananas $0.39/lb
  • Red Seedless Grapes $0.79/lb
  • While, Yellow and Red Onions $0.48/lb


  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream $2.79 - $1 Tearpad = $1.79! <—Holy smokes!!  I need to stock up on that stuff. 
  • Safeway Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, frozen sold in 4lb bags $1.99/lb
  • Eating Right Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts or $1.99/lb
  • Jennie-O Turkey Store Lean Fresh Ground Turkey 3lb $5 each (Fri-Mon only) <—$1.67/lb is great for ground turkey!!


  • On the vine cluster tomatoes $0.97/lb
  • Kashi Waffles $2.50 - $1 IP =$1.50

Sunflower Farmers Market

  • Strawberries 1lb $1.25


What great deals are you excited about this week?

Interested in a more complete list of grocery deals for this week?  Check out the Arizona Shopping Board at Pinching Your Pennies.