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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Safeway Refresh/Blockbuster Deal!

2011-10-14 October2011 001

Refreshe Soda is on sale at Safeway 5/$10! I haven’t seen a decent coke or Pepsi deal lately and we actually like the Safeway brand so this is a win-win deal without coupons!

And it gets better! Buy 3 Refreshe Soda products and get 2 free Blockbuster Express Rentals through 11/12/11!

You must make separate purchases of 3 to get multiple Blockbuster codes.  (i.e. Don’t buy 6 in one order and expect 4 free Blockbuster codes).  into groups of 3 if you plan on stocking up on soda!

And my free rentals expire 12/10!