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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bashas Trip: 10/26


Bashas has a great in ad candy coupon this week but you must spend $10 on other items in order to use it. Plus it’s a limit of 2.

I bought:

2 Kit Kat fun sized bags $1.77 (with ad Q and $10 min. purchase) –$1 IP = $0.77 each

2 Ritz Crackers $3.49 – Free MQs

1 Wheat Thins $3.49 – free MQ

Grapes ($0.87/lb)

Sour Cream, marked down $0.99

Total 4.73


Make sure the Bashas cashier scans your ad coupon twice if you buy 2 bags of candy, otherwise you will only get 1 cheap bag of candy….