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Friday, September 9, 2011

Target 9/8

2011-09-08 11.03.51
I saw some fun clearance (see below for details) and grabbed a few deals we needed.

1 Peter Pan PB $2.39 – Free MQ coupon = free (from a blog giveaway)
3 Simply Lemonades $0.92 – $1 IP = free
6 Cars Kleenex Pocket Packs $0.27 – $0.40/3 IP = $0.82 for all 6!
3 Cascade Trial Size $0.97 – $1 MQ (last P&G insert) = free

2011-09-08 09.40.21

School Supplies were still holding strong at 30-50% off. And not all of it is discounted yet.  Maybe we will see some more movement next week? The Comp books for $0.20 did stick out as a great deal to me though! I know a teacher that might be interested in picking up a few….

2011-09-08 09.47.53
This little compact fridge is also starting to get marked down, so if you are in the market for one I would check them out!! I found it only marked down 15% as of yet…

2011-09-08 09.54.542011-09-08 09.53.21

Lots more mark downs in the home section, I found both these Rugs and these Duvet Covers at 50% off!

2011-09-08 09.50.362011-09-08 09.50.10
And these fun character robes and blankets were also 50% off.  There were some girl ones as well.. but I ignore them mostly. Smile




Please note that Target clearance does vary by store. I found these items at the Super Target in Tucson.