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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fry’s Trip 9/6

2011-09-06 September2011 001

I stopped in today to grab some Diet coke and a few essentials.  The coke and pepsi 12 packs are prices 4/$8.88 if you spend $25 or more. The trick is that the soda price IS included in that $25. So you really only need to spend an additional $16.12 to get the soda sale price. In these instances I like to use free item coupon to help bring my subtotal up.

I didn’t need to use any free coupons today because I still had 11 $1 coupons for Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta. And it’s on sale (through 9/13) for $1!  With a few more things I easily hit the $25 mark!

Here is what I bought:

4 12 packs Diet Coke 4/$8.88 (wyb $25+)

11 Ronzoni Pasta $1 – $1 MQ = free

Fry’s peeled carrots $1

Apples $3.40

Nanas $1.42

2 Kroger Cottage Cheese $1.50 each

Total $17.60

What did you buy at Fry’s this week?


dklutz said...

where can i find the coupon for the pasta at? thx

kc said...

5/15 SS