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Monday, March 12, 2012

Winco Foods to be opening in early April - Sales/Coupon Information

WinCo Foods is coming to Arizona. The two locations at 5850 W. Bell Road in Glendale and 330 W. Bell Road in Phoenix are slated to open sometime in early April.

Here are some things I found out about what to expect:
- All locations are open 24 hours, 7 days a week
- No regular weekly sales ads like the competitors, maybe just a few to announce grand opening.
- Find sale items marked with green price tags throughout the middle of the store. 
- Everyday low prices have yellow tags.
- Walk in and find a long aisle called the Wall of Values with new specials.
- Coupon policy can be found here.
- Credit Cards are not accepted.
- Customers are asked to bag their own purchases.
- Not owned by a big corporation, instead owned by the people that work for the company.

I will post additional information as I find out more closer to opening.


PortPower said...

As far s some of the store features go (coming from Sacramento, where we've had WinCo for over 10+ years)..

* They have a bulk foods section where you can get spices, candies, trail mix, soup mixes, drink mixes, cereals, etc from bulk canisters
* Their deli makes subs that pile on the meat compared to other stores (when they opened in Sacramento around '98, the subs were as long as from my wrist to shoulder for $5 or so; nowadays, more like elbow to wrist but still a good deal of meat!)
* They have a pizza shop that makes hot pizzas and calzones (might have a take-&-bake option also, can't remember)
* Their breads selection is pretty good-sized also, in their bakery area
* fresh honey (I seriously doubt there are actual bees in the "hive", just to drive home how fresh the honey is)
* Dirt-cheap energy drinks

Jeanette said...

I LOVE Winco! I just moved from Utah where there was one that opened for a few years before we moved here. They are cheaper than Walmart and really helped drive prices down!

navylady224 said...

They have the BEST carrot cake; it's labeled Carrot Cake Single serve- but easily serves 4!
They have a great cheap creamy frozen drink at the pizza shop.
Love their produce and prices!