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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

99 Cent Store Finds!

Here are some 99 Cent Store Finds!!


Quaker Granola Bars

Del Monte Sloppy Joe Mix

Dole Celery

Dole Bagged Salad

Nature’s Own Hamburger Buns


Persian Pickles

Baby Carrots


Everything at the 99 Cent store is only $0.99 (or less). I treasure hunt for grocery deals there every week!


Random Craftiness said...

What 99 cent store do you go to that has produce?

Katie Poyzer

Jodi said...

kc is from Tucson area. HTH

Amy said...

I grabbed some of the granola bars for my class! Nice cheap snack. I shop at the 99cent store at Cave Creek/Bell.