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Monday, July 25, 2011

Fry’s Coupon Policy Update 7/31/11

Fry’s coupon policy is changing again as of 7/31/11. 

The biggest news is that they will no longer be accepting competitor’s coupons.  It was always intended as a special promotion  and never as a permanent policy, so it doesn’t surprise me in the least.  I am a little disappointed, but I totally understand. 

What is a sweet surprise is that they will continue their special promotion of all Manufacturer’s coupons worth at least $1!  And that should include making all Do Not Double coupons worth $1 as well. 

You can see the Current Coupon Policy HERE.  And the official announcement of the upcoming chance to the Competitor Coupon Policy HERE.

So what do you think of the change?  Will you still shop at Fry’s? 

I know I will…. their prices are still generally better than other places and the all MQs worth $1 promotion is still nice!  And to be honest I personally didn’t use a lot of competitor’s coupons anyway….

Fry’s does welcome feedback/questions on their Facebook page or by phone, 1-800-828-5235 option #4.


liz said...

I only ever used the Fresh and Easy coupon, so I will definitely still be shopping at Fry's.