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Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Movie Rentals from Blockbuster Express Machine

There are Blockbuster Express machines around the valley that allow you to rent a movie for $1 per night. Rentals are due back by 9 pm the next day.  You can now also rent online and pick up at the kiosk, therefore reducing amount of time at the kiosk.

Here are some promotional codes valid for a free 1 night rental:
GT21A - expires 3/12/10
GA13A2 - expires 3/16/10
GOLIVE - expires 3/18/10
GA13B1 - expires 3/24/10
GL9RA - expires 3/31/10
CALENDAR - expires 3/31/10
OUFXMV - expires 4/17/10
6HHQLC - expires 4/17/10
ETKGH7 - expires 4/17/10
ICA33W - expires 4/23/10
VGG8U2 - expires 4/23/10
Click here to find a location nearest you.


Carole in AZ said...

Thank you so much for this post! I had no idea these machines existed. My local kiosk has some of the recent Oscar winners available! Yay!