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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Printable Grocery Smarts List are GREAT!

The Arizona Grocery Smarts lists are here! Click on the Grocery Smarts link (you may need to enter the passport - g85ro1), then click on "select your store". You can then choose from the drop-down menu which store you would like to view. Each list has the item and price listed along with any coupons that can be matched up with the item. To the left you will see a star rating area. Each item is rated 1-5 stars, 4-5 stars mean to stock-up - this is a great price, a 3 star is an average deal. To the right, you will see the bottom line price after all coupons and/or discounts.

To make a customized list follow these instructions:
1. Click on "start" towards the right upper corner
2. Click on each item from the list that you would like (I also would click on the store name so that will be printed on your shopping list as well)
3. Click on "shrink" which is up next to the "start" button
4. Click on "print" to print out your customized list!

*You can also click on "All In One" from the drop-down select store menu. This will bring up all the stores at once. Now you can make a customized list including all the stores on list!